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“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”
- Heraclitus

I have an affinity for rivers, as I have an affinity for water.

The river of my birth is the Kafue, and through my journey so far,

I have drunk from the Nile,

I have given up my strength to the Zambesi, and that time, it was not a dream, but a very real whirlpool.

It was there, at that moment, that I learned to let the water take me where it knows better, far better than I.

I have opened kitchen taps to find both the Thames, and somewhere else,

further south, the Arno.

I drink wild waters born in the high Swiss Alps.


This project is about listening. And hearing.  I wished to document it, which I have done, from start to…I wouldn’t call it an end, rather: one possible conclusion.


This is where I present it, the process, of thought, and even doubts, and actions, and experiments, that have led to the creation and unfolding of a Map of Two Rivers.


The process, this specific journey into creating, is dedicated to my nephew, David.



N.B. This text is not a transcript of the audio piece.

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