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First  stream

Please use headphones for best experience

One night in April 2019, as the clock ticked towards midnight, I received a message from my friend in Iceland.

She told me that I have to look at an ancient Japanese map of a road*! “It’s 20 books long!” she wrote.


There were no images she could send, so I tried to imagine what such a map could look like…


*Nakasando Way, featured in “Joanna Lumley’s Japan” (2016) episode 2

47°28’15”N. 8°08’27”E.

May 24   , 2019


I decide that I would like to “map” the flow of a little stream.

The stream that offers itself is a lively flow of water, rising from the under the hill where the ancient Linden tree has been standing for 800-some odd years.


And I have an idea in my head, that I am going to put the paper strip all along the bank of the stream, thus “mapping” its contours…

But it doesn’t work that way, the water has different ideas, as does the land around the river; there are roots, rocks, small yet steep waterfalls.

I can’t reach the actual edge of the stream.


So, I think, go with the flow, and see how it unfolds… and that is the start, of the first mapping of the river.



N.B. the ink used is 100% natural and does not harm the environment.


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